The Central Asia Rally

Astrakhan, Russia to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
May 29 - June 11, 2022

14 Days
5 Countries
6500 km

Journey along the Silk Road from the eastern edge of Europe all the way to the western edge of China on this minimal assistance adventure rally from the Travel Scientists - only for the most experienced drivers!

Bringing back adventure

The modern travel industry revels in one-size-fits-all solutions which have squeezed the spirit of adventure and discovery from the world's destinations. Plastic hotels and soulless guided tours spread around the world today. But we at the Travel Scientists have sworn to put the thrills back into your next adventure: The Central Asia Rally will take you through some of the last unspoiled countries in the world.  You will visit the fragrant markets, historical cities and striking mountain passes of the Silk Road - a true adventure rally for old-fashioned explores and modern-day thrill-seekers.

Do It Your Way

The Central Asia Rally is a 'minimal assistance' event with limited entry. This means rather than handing it all to you on a plate we provide the tools you'll need to find your own adventure. Drive anything you like, from an old fire truck to a hearse, it's up to you. Just be sure you can make it to the finish to share your tales of adventure with your fellow teams over some well earned refreshment. This is a real adventure rally and only experienced drivers will make it to the finish line. To make sure you are one of them, you'll go through a short but important application process before your final sign up for the Central Asia Rally.

Why choose us?
We Are Travel Maniacs

For us travel is not just a business but a passion, which we want to share. And after more than 10 years in business with rallies all over the globe, we know quite well what we are doing.

We Want to Get to Know You

In our small groups you aren't ever just a number. Our strong community spirit sees to it that all our participants get to know each other and share their experiences gained along the road.

Adventure Must Be Unique

Our destinations, our accommodations, our routes – it’s all inspired by true offbeat adventure.We want to offer you a truly unique experience and an unforgettable adventure rally.

Kilometers to drive
Countries to visit
days of adventure
new stories to tell
Limited Entry Only!

Warning: This is real adventure!

There won't be a mechanical crow or medical support. During the Central Asia Rally you will travel through remote areas without settlement or petrol station for hours. Your only choice might be to eat that 3 year old cracker you found under the seat or to stay hungry. You might be stranded somewhere for a night and sleep under the stars.

So if you can't live without your morning pumpkin-latter or extra soft toilet paper: this is not for you! If you are up for an unpredictable adventure, though, if you only start thriving when things don't go the way they should, if you are the stuff legends are made of, then our adventure rally through Central Asia just the trip for you!


Is this the the kind of adventure you've been waiting for?  APPLY NOW!
Start the application process early to guarantee your place in the Central Asia Rally. A maximum of 30 teams can participate in the 2020 event!

If you don't trust us, trust them

The Central Asia Rally provides a way to travel and experience different cultures without going through the traditional tourist packages. In this test, we are placed in situations in which our life depends on our decisions – all our problems at home are forgotten as we solve the daily challenges and we discover the breathtaking landscapes along the way. I would do it every year.

Miguel, 41

My wife and I participated in the Central Asia Rally in 2014. It was the most exciting road trip we have experienced. And we were both 73 years young at the time. The multitude of challenges and an extraordinary sense of adventure was matched by the pleasure of the wonderful company of like-minded people who enjoy travelling to exotic and amazing places.

Tony, 75

Seeing the old Silk Road cities like Khiva and Samarkand and later on driving all across the Pamir Mountains is just an amazing experience that can’t be put in words. Once you’ve faced and solved all challenges you’ll met in the remotest parts of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, you’ll surely be a changed person with a whole new attitude to life.

Barbara, 34