Vehicle Rules

We won’t tell you what to drive or how to drive it, you may be as bizarre with your choice of vehicle for the Central Asia Rally as you wish. Want to take a custom hot rod onto the wild roads that border Afghanistan? Go right ahead but be careful of the speed limit and watch your suspension. Only got a beat up old Mini you were left by a dead relative? Well that’s fine too. We don’t even mind if you choose to have just two wheels instead of four.

Naturally given by some of our destinations on The Central Asia Rally a modern luxury 4×4 vehicle will make the journey far more comfortable, however far from the safety net of ‘civilization’ repairs of these mechanically complex vehicles could be all but impossible. We therefore advise, albeit not very forcefully, that our participants should instead opt for more mechanically simple vehicles that may lack the creature comforts but which can be more easily fixed should anything go awry on the road to Dushanbe.

* Participants should be aware that vehicles whose movement may contravene regional peace treaties, local ceasefires or the rules of specific demilitarized zones in the areas visited are barred from entrance in the Central Asia Rally.



Purchasing a vehicle especially for our adventure rally across Central Asia and selling it afterwards is a good option for everybody who wants to leave their luxury limousines in the their save garage. It can require substantial time and effort though, both prior to and after the event, that participants will need to take into account when planning to use this option.


Shipping or transfer of your own vehicle to the start line, and indeed home again afterward, is also possible and our team are available to help you organize both should you require it. Contact the organizers well ahead of time to arrange these tailor made services.