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Our travel specialists have concocted a handful of the most daring excursions that can be found in the world.

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Journey deep into the gateway to Africa!

A desert driving adventure taking you deep into the beauty of the Moroccan Sahara.

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Old Frontier car wreck abandoned ghost town Bodie California

Get dusty exploring the old frontier!

Get hot and dusty driving from the City of Angels to the City of Sin in an journey across the Old West of America.

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Amazing India on three wheels!

Race these iconic vehicles through remarkable landscapes, meet the fascinating locals and savor the sounds and tastes of India.

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Head over heels through India!

Explore the real, authentic India in the most individual way possible with this drive what you can rally across the country’s South.

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The last great adventure!

An odyssey of adventure from the edge of Europe to the heart of Armenia, that will push your limits as you travel to the ends of the Earth.

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Slow down time in a bull cart!

A unique and authentic experience of the rural India while you ride slowly through small villages and backstreets on a bullock cart.

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Baltic forest 4x4 snow drive

A Snow Filled adventure

From Southern Poland to the icy north of Estonia, this is an epic midwinter journey that provides the most amazing way to start the year.

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Gjirokaster Enver Hoxha hometown sights

The wild side of Europe!

When you take the Great Balkan Ride with the Travel Scientists, you might be up for the greatest adventure of your life.

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