This Is Real Adventure!

Travel through Central Asia is by no means a stroll in the park and entrants should understand that whilst other travel companies need to hype or exaggerate the possible dangers that await participants on their trips to far off exotic places, we at the Central Asia Rally need not do so.

The risks and dangers to you, your team and your vehicle are very real.

This is a minimum assistance rally. Real adventure. You will be relying on your own determination, resourcefulness and adaptability to get to the end of each stage. There are no back-up vehicles, no mechanics on stand by nor rescue teams sitting by the phone. You will be on your own, sometimes in very remote areas of the region, and completely responsible for your own safety and well-being.

Whilst we cannot guarantee any particular danger will arise for our participants we are very aware that this region is well off the beaten tourist trail and therefore contains some hazards that other trips will not include. Alongside the usual troubles that can beset any foreign travel  (theft, pick-pockets, etc.) entrants in the Central Asia Rally also face dangers that may include:

Risk Of Warfare – The region through which the Central Asia Rally travels can be a turbulent one and the risk of political, social or religious unrest is the region’s old companion. Historical and cultural differences between the populations in the region have led to outbreaks of military hostility over the years. Not only could these hostilities break out again, but past conflicts have left behind minefields and other detritus of war that can be extremely hazardous to health.

Risk Of Vehicle Damage Or Theft – This adventure through Central Asia will test your car’s mechanical operation to an extreme and the chances it will not pass that test unscathed is high. Most vehicles will need some few running repairs, but should your vehicle give up the ghost entirely do be aware you may well be stranded miles from anywhere with no one coming to help. This will apply as much if your vehicle is stolen, as it does if it simply ceases to function as a mode of transport.

Risk Of Health Issues – Traveling through Central Asia is no picnic, so be aware that you may well suffer from a range of maladies to which you are unaccustomed. These may include: Sunstroke, dehydration, altitude sickness and food poisoning – but those are, after all, nothing that some common sense couldn’t help avoiding. But given the remote nature of the areas through which the rally travels, you must be aware you could well be sick or injured a long way from the nearest medical facilities and that those facilities may not be of a “western” standard.

Risk Of Culturally Based Conflicts – Typically participants are sensible enough to be aware of, and sensitive to the local cultural norms of the localities the Central Asia Rally visits, and acknowledge their being different from those of their own nations, thus avoiding any conflicts that could arise. However, participants should be aware that a slight culture of corruption amongst local officials and/or policemen, who expect bribes to get things done (or simply to stop making your life difficult), does exist in some of the areas through which the rally travels.

Risk Of Significant Injury Or Death – Not all the roads we travel are properly maintained, if they are roads maintained at all, and often suffer from landslides or flooding. Couple this with poor weather conditions and/or erratic local vehicle operators and this is clearly driving at its extreme, so the risk of collisions, at either high or low speeds, is significant and they could occur in very remote areas where assistance is non-existent. Be assured though, that we have not yet had a serious injury or a death on the Central Asia Rally.

THEREFORE in order to avoid any serious mishaps and for our participants to minimize the risks to themselves and their fellow Rally entrants we urge all those taking part to:

  • Strictly observe all local laws regarding motor vehicles, particularly the speed limits.
  • Obey all local laws regarding social conduct, especially those pertaining to drink & drugs.
  • Ensure all requirements of each border crossing are fulfilled in their entirety.
  • Always behave in a manner that does not conflict with local regulations, social norms or laws.
  • Take responsibility for their own health & well-being and be prepared for all eventualities.