Kyzylkum: The Desert of Red Sand

  We drive through the Kyzylkum Desert on the Central Asia Rally. Much of the Central Asia Rally is spent discovering the unexpected: glorious medieval cities, tranquil lakes, and incredible mountain passes. However, we also traverse less surprising Central Asian terrain: desert. The Kyzylkum, which in local Turkic languages means “red sand”, is one of the largest deserts […]

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The Secrets of the Kyzylkum Desert

Amazing fairytale cities, rare species of animals, huge fresh oasis and large gold mines: despite all this richness and beauty, the Kyzylkum Desert in Central Asia has managed to stay away from the spotlight for a long time, which allows it to remain wild and pure. Few tourists venture here, but that might be a […]

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Khiva: A Silk Road City in the Desert

  When its has such beautiful cities like Samarkand and Bukhara to contend with as sisters, Khiva is the city often forgotten on the Silk Road itinerary, or at least the one that would not get the “fairest of them all” where Uzbek cities are concerned. But, there is a certain je ne sais qois […]

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