largest cities of central asia

The Largest Cities of Central Asia

  The biggest cities of the Central Asian Region. In Central Asia, sites of spectacular nature vastly outnumber urban centers, but that doesn’t mean there are no cities of note. In fact, we visit several of the largest cities in Central Asia on the Central Asia Rally. Here are the major cities of Central Asia:

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Visa-Free Travel to Uzbekistan

  Uzbekistan’s president-elect has signed an order granting visa-free travel to Uzbekistan for citizens of twenty-seven countries. Traditionally, getting a visa for Uzbekistan has been problematic, with lots of paperwork required and the annoyance of applicants having to send their passport to the relevant embassy. Not any more though, if you’re from one of twelve […]

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How to Take Great Shots of Streets in Central Asia and Beyond

  All great adventures, like the Central Asia Rally, deserve to be documented with equally magnificent photos; some of these will aim to capture city streets in all of their syncopated, iridescent glory – here are the seven golden rules of how to take great shots of urban settings. Photo by Francisco Anzola Understand where […]

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Magic Weaves of Uzbekistan: the Ancient Art of Ikat

  You’ve seen in our last piece that thankfully, the ancient art of silk printing is on the upswing again in Central Asia. Today we’ll be showing you that there are even more reasons to celebrate on this front, as one of its sister traditions is also gaining ground in the rich tapestry of the […]

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Remembering When Muhammad Ali Visited Central Asia

  Yes indeed: as you fling your rucksack into the back and step on the gas in Astrakhan to begin the lifetime adventure that is your Central Asia Rally, besides enjoying the multitude of natural, architectural, and cultural delights of this mystical part of the world – perhaps unbeknownst to you -, you’re also about […]

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