best from from the central asia rally

Countries on the Central Asia Rally

  Have you heard of all these countries? The Central Asia Rally is an epic driving adventure, where you will journey to the heart of one of the world’s most remote and beautiful regions. In the course of two weeks we pass through six countries, each with their own unique highlights. These are the countries on the […]

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volga delta

The Volga: Ending Where Central Asia Begins

  The Volga ends where the Central Asia Rally begins. The Volga Delta, the point (or rather, points) where Europe’s largest river system drains into the Caspian Sea, is a fitting start point for the Central Asia Rally. It is here that Europe ends, and where we begin our journey from the Russian city of Astrakhan, first […]

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caspian sea lake

Why the Caspian Sea is a Lake

  Is the Caspian Sea a Lake? The Central Asia Rally begins in Astrakhan, Russia. This is where the Volga delta drains into the Caspian Sea, and we cross the northern shore as we pass through Kazakhstan on our way to the heart of Central Asia. We can see its waves, and if we took […]

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highlights of the central asia rally

The Highlights of the Central Asia Rally 2017

  The Highlights of the Central Asia Rally: from camping on a sea to lunch among the mountains. The Central Asia Rally 2017 was a great success, and we have already brought you recaps from the early days to final stages. Now it’s time to judge the best moments and stories from the entire event. Here are […]

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central asia rally

The Central Asia Rally So Far!

  The Central Asia Rally is almost over, so here’s our first batch of highlights from another incredible event. The Central Asia Rally 2017 set off on June 1st, from Astrakhan in Russia. Teams then passed through Kazakhstan, before exploring the many amazing sights of Uzbekistan. Through the wonders of (very slow) internet, we can now share some […]

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Guest Post: Tony’s Central Asia Rally Story

  A guest post by Tony Thorndike, Central Asia Rally veteran. Tony Thorndike is a Travel Scientists regular, who completed the Central Asia Rally in 2014. He drove all the way from Britain to Bishkek and, even more impressively, back again! He recently wrote about his experiences on the Caucasian Challenge. He can’t resist the charms of […]

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Reasons You Should Visit Central Asia

  There are so many reasons you should visit Central Asia Mountains, lakes, and valleys as picturesque as anywhere on earth. Seeing once magnificent ancient cities. Driving the Pamir Highway. The knowledge that most people won’t have heard of half the places you’ve been. These are just some of the reasons you should visit Central Asia. […]

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Astrakhan: Where Russia Meets the East

  Astrakhan is where Europe ends, and the Central Asia Rally begins. Astrakhan is best known as a departure point: this is the closest major city to the Volga Delta, and as such is an increasingly popular destination for nature tourism. Its position on the Caspian Sea has ensured a long history as an important […]

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How to Take Great Shots of Streets in Central Asia and Beyond

  All great adventures, like the Central Asia Rally, deserve to be documented with equally magnificent photos; some of these will aim to capture city streets in all of their syncopated, iridescent glory – here are the seven golden rules of how to take great shots of urban settings. Photo by Francisco Anzola Understand where […]

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Central Asia Rally

The Central Asia Rally – Getting to the starting line

  Because we want to focus more on travelling through Central Asia, we moved our starting point to Astrakhan in Russia. Back in the early days of the Central Asia Rally, we would kick off from Budapest, attempt to cross Ukraine with bad luck and would end up driving over to Georgia to cross the […]

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Central Asia’s European Frontier – The Volga Delta

  On the edge of Europe, dipping into the European side of Kazakhstan, the Volga Delta is the largest of its kind in Europe. The river itself plays an iconic role in Russian life, winding round the European part of the country for over 3500km before emptying into the Caspian Sea. The Volga Story The […]

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The End of the Central Asian Adventure

As the teams relax at the Central Asia Rally after party in Bishkek, we’re sad to see that this year’s big Central Asian adventure is coming to a close. Can you see us? The Travel Scientists have a go at camoflage The official starting point was in Astrakhan in Russia, although most of the teams […]

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