Almaty: After the Event

  Almaty is a worthwhile next stop after the Central Asia Rally. Photo by Irene2005 The Central Asia Rally will test your patience, endurance, and your skills at the wheel. Driving 6500km in two weeks, visiting six countries ,and traversing countless roads of terrible quality, maybe you need to be a little bit crazy to do […]

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largest cities of central asia

The Largest Cities of Central Asia

  The biggest cities of the Central Asian Region. In Central Asia, sites of spectacular nature vastly outnumber urban centers, but that doesn’t mean there are no cities of note. In fact, we visit several of the largest cities in Central Asia on the Central Asia Rally. Here are the major cities of Central Asia:

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Destination Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan might be most famous thanks to Sasha Baron-Cohen’s Borat, who was responsible for the boom in Kazakhstan’s industry in 2012, but there is more to this epic landlocked country in the heart of Central Asia.

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