Uzbekistan: One of Asia’s Finest Places

We always loved Uzbekistan. Our stay in Uzbekistan is always one of the highlights on the Central Asia Rally. It’s a hub of Silk Road history, but there’s far more to the country than that. We’ve loved Uzbekistan for years, and it’s nice to hear that others agree: Lonely Planet have named the country the second […]

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Samarkand’s Registan: The Original Public Square

  Could Samarkand’s Registan be Central Asia’s most important historical sight? The Central Asia Rally travels all over Central Asia, through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. While Kyrgyzstan, home to glorious mountains, lakes, and of course mountain lakes, is a worthy final destination, the heart of the Silk Road is Uzbekistan. And at the heart of […]

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The Highlights of the Central Asia Rally 2017

  The Highlights of the Central Asia Rally: from camping on a sea to lunch among the mountains. The Central Asia Rally 2017 was a great success, and we have already brought you recaps from the early days to final stages. Now it’s time to judge the best moments and stories from the entire event. Here are […]

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The Central Asia Rally: Dushanbe to Khorog

  Our favourite photos from Days 8 and 9. The Central Asia Rally 2017 is over, but we still have some incredible stories to tell and brilliant photos to show. Here are our favourite images from Day 8, when teams drove from Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, to Tavildara and then Day 9, when participants travelled onwards […]

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The Central Asia Rally So Far!

  The Central Asia Rally is almost over, so here’s our first batch of highlights from another incredible event. The Central Asia Rally 2017 set off on June 1st, from Astrakhan in Russia. Teams then passed through Kazakhstan, before exploring the many amazing sights of Uzbekistan. Through the wonders of (very slow) internet, we can now share some […]

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Silk Road Cities Visited by the Central Asia Rally

  The essential guide to the ancient cities visited by the Central Asia Rally. The Central Asia Rally provides an incredible driving experience, with teams following a route over breathtaking mountain passes, through vast deserts, stopping at picturesque lakes and glorious valleys. Participants see at first hand the many vibrant cultures of the region, and stay […]

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How to Take Great Shots of Streets in Central Asia and Beyond

  All great adventures, like the Central Asia Rally, deserve to be documented with equally magnificent photos; some of these will aim to capture city streets in all of their syncopated, iridescent glory – here are the seven golden rules of how to take great shots of urban settings. Photo by Francisco Anzola Understand where […]

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Tomb of the Prophet Daniel in Samarkand

  The 18 metre long sarcophagus of the mysteriously ceaselessly growing dead prophet in Samarkand is not the only one that claims to be the final resting place of Prophet Daniel, but it is arguably the most puzzling one. Where are the others? The most widely accepted one of these places is in Susa, Iran. […]

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Remembering When Muhammad Ali Visited Central Asia

  Yes indeed: as you fling your rucksack into the back and step on the gas in Astrakhan to begin the lifetime adventure that is your Central Asia Rally, besides enjoying the multitude of natural, architectural, and cultural delights of this mystical part of the world – perhaps unbeknownst to you -, you’re also about […]

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Interesting Silk Road Facts for Central Asia Rally Participants

  Everyone has a picture in their mind about what the Silk Road must have looked like in the past… now, it’s time to put the misconceptions aside and get to know the most interesting Silk Road facts. The Route. Photo Credit:   – The trade route got its name Silk Road (or Seidenstraße) […]

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The Wonders of Uzbekistan

  CA country that has played an important role through time, there are a lot of landmarks telling ancient stories scattered throughout the vast land. The wonders of Uzbekistan have a lot to offer for history fans all over the globe; architectural miracles and astonishing sites will sweep you off your feet and make you […]

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The Secrets of the Kyzylkum Desert

Amazing fairytale cities, rare species of animals, huge fresh oasis and large gold mines: despite all this richness and beauty, the Kyzylkum Desert in Central Asia has managed to stay away from the spotlight for a long time, which allows it to remain wild and pure. Few tourists venture here, but that might be a […]

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