Hauz Bukhara

Bukhara’s Beautiful Lyab-i Hauz

  In Bukhara, a Hauz is outside… Photo Allan Grey In Persian culture, a Hauz is a pond. In Bukhara, which we visit on the Central Asia Rally, the Lyab-i Hauz is the area around the one of these ponds, famed for its tranquility and architecture. It reveals a taste of Silk Road life from many […]

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best books of the central asia rally

Samarkand’s Registan: The Original Public Square

  Could Samarkand’s Registan be Central Asia’s most important historical sight? The Central Asia Rally travels all over Central Asia, through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. While Kyrgyzstan, home to glorious mountains, lakes, and of course mountain lakes, is a worthy final destination, the heart of the Silk Road is Uzbekistan. And at the heart of […]

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highlights of the central asia rally

The Highlights of the Central Asia Rally 2017

  The Highlights of the Central Asia Rally: from camping on a sea to lunch among the mountains. The Central Asia Rally 2017 was a great success, and we have already brought you recaps from the early days to final stages. Now it’s time to judge the best moments and stories from the entire event. Here are […]

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markets in central asia

Why We Love Markets in Central Asia

  Be prepared to bargain hard at markets in Central Asia. On the Central Asia Rally, you will travel in the footsteps on the ancient Silk Road. You’ll drive on the route’s scenic mountain passes, and stay in historic cities which grew rich from trade. The most authentic Silk Road memory, though, are the markets and bazaars, […]

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The Pamir Highway- a Link in the Ancient Silk Road

  The Pamir Highway, the world’s second highest roadway, and a part of the ancient Silk Road, is a section of the M41 going from Osh in Kyrgyzstan, to Termez in Uzbekistan via Tajikistan through the Pamir mountains. Central Asia Rally’s path joins it for some of the most breathtaking views to be had anywhere. […]

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Fergana Valley, Kyrgyzstan: the Core of Central Asia

  As you approach the destination of your Central Asia Rally on day 11, your path will take you past the very core of Central Asia – the Fergana Valley. We don’t just mean this in terms of geography: the valley, enclosed by the the Gissar-Alai range to the south and Tian Shan Mountains to […]

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“S” is for Suzani: the Splendid World of Uzbek Embroidery

  And so, after silk printing and ikat, onto the third amazing member of the Uzbek textile tradition: the splendid world of Suzani, the ancient art of embroidery. Behold the world where magic is wrought with every stitch. Photo by Kellie CA What are suzanis and where do they come from? The word itself comes from […]

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Magic Weaves of Uzbekistan: the Ancient Art of Ikat

  You’ve seen in our last piece that thankfully, the ancient art of silk printing is on the upswing again in Central Asia. Today we’ll be showing you that there are even more reasons to celebrate on this front, as one of its sister traditions is also gaining ground in the rich tapestry of the […]

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Witness the Wonder of The Ancient Art of Silk Printing in Tashkent

  As you retrace the trails of ancient treasure-laden caravans in the shadows of majestic architectural masterpieces along the Central Asian section of the Silk Road, you might be tempted to pause for a minute to envision everyday life as it would have unfolded amongst these monuments: the sounds and sights of streets that spun […]

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Evolution of the Yurt – Changing Faces of an Ancient Tradition

  There’s no denying it – yurts, the circular tent-like houses native to the endless rolling steppes of Central Asia, are the epitome of a happy marriage between utility and beautiful design, so it’s not surprising that they’ve not only endured through millennia up to the 21st century, but populate the globe from Siberia to […]

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Interesting Silk Road Facts for Central Asia Rally Participants

  Everyone has a picture in their mind about what the Silk Road must have looked like in the past… now, it’s time to put the misconceptions aside and get to know the most interesting Silk Road facts. The Route. Photo Credit: 500.co   – The trade route got its name Silk Road (or Seidenstraße) […]

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The Secrets of the Kyzylkum Desert

Amazing fairytale cities, rare species of animals, huge fresh oasis and large gold mines: despite all this richness and beauty, the Kyzylkum Desert in Central Asia has managed to stay away from the spotlight for a long time, which allows it to remain wild and pure. Few tourists venture here, but that might be a […]

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