Visa Policies in Central Asia

The times during which already the visa application process for a trip to Central Asia was an adventure in itself are luckily over and getting all the visas you need for the Central Asia Rally is now easier than ever!

In Kyrgyzstan, most countries of the EU, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, US and many others, are visa-exempt, which means that you just show up at the border, get a stamp and are good to stay for up to 60 days.

Tajikistan has launched an e-visa system already back in 2016, which is quick and reliable. Just enter your data, pay the visa fee (50 USD) and it will be approved within a few days. Just don’t forget to bring a printed copy of it with you on the trip. We have tested it twice and even in the remotest border stations there were no problems.

And in July 2018 finally also Uzbekistan has followed suit, giving visa-free entry for 30 days to EU citizens, Canada and Australia and introducing an e-visa for US citizens and several others.

The only one which still remains a bit difficult is Russia, where the Central Asia Rally starts. You’ll still need to apply for a visa well in advance and you’ll also need an invitation letter, but we can help you with that. Just drop us an email to [email protected] if you need any advice about this!

Now that you know that the visa policies in Central Asia will not be standing between you and your epic road trip rally adventure anymore, what’s keeping you from signing up for the Central Asia Rally?


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