Uzbekistan: One of Asia’s Finest Places

We always loved Uzbekistan. Our stay in Uzbekistan is always one of the highlights on the Central Asia Rally. It’s a hub of Silk Road history, but there’s far more to the country than that. We’ve loved Uzbekistan for years, and it’s nice to hear that others agree: Lonely Planet have named the country the second […]

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best from from the central asia rally

Countries on the Central Asia Rally

  Have you heard of all these countries? The Central Asia Rally is an epic driving adventure, where you will journey to the heart of one of the world’s most remote and beautiful regions. In the course of two weeks we pass through six countries, each with their own unique highlights. These are the countries on the […]

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Central Asia: More Fun with Friends

It’s easy to have a good time on the Central Asia Rally. Participants on the Central Asia Rally tend to be adventurous, independent-minded, and capable. So, you might ask, why bother joining up with us, when they could make the journey themselves? Well, it turns out that there are plenty very good reasons, actually!

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Almaty: After the Event

  Almaty is a worthwhile next stop after the Central Asia Rally. Photo by Irene2005 The Central Asia Rally will test your patience, endurance, and your skills at the wheel. Driving 6500km in two weeks, visiting six countries ,and traversing countless roads of terrible quality, maybe you need to be a little bit crazy to do […]

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ala archa

Ala Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan

  A taste of why you should visit Kyrgyzstan’s Ala Archa National Park. Photo via Flickr   As you relax in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, after completing the Central Asia Rally, you may feel like you’ve experienced enough adventure to last a lifetime. However, if you would like to add to the catalog of […]

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Top 7 Markets in Central Asia

With a legacy such as the Silk Road, it goes without saying that Central Asia is famed for its markets. It’s inevitable that there will be some romantic notion accompanying a bazaar in Samarkand and other iconic Silk Road cities, but which are Central Asia’s best markets? Here are the best markets in Central Asia. […]

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What to Drink in Central Asia

Kicking off the Central Asia Rally, our team from the Travel Scientists posted their latest update from the road on Facebook.

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