Plov: The Centerpiece of Central Asian Cuisine

  Plov is central to Central Asian cuisine. Photo by I. Ibrahimjon Let’s be honest, food probably isn’t the reason you visit Central Asia. Participants on the Central Asia Rally are more likely to be excited about visiting Silk Road cities or driving the Pamir Highway. However, if there’s one meal that you can be sure to enjoy on […]

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The Perfect Central Asian Feast

  These are the essential dishes for the perfect Central Asian feast. Central Asia may not be especially famous for its cuisine, but we certainly enjoy it. After a long day driving on the Central Asia Rally, there’s nothing better than settling down to a selection of delicious local favourites. Here are what we reckon […]

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Central Asian Dishes You Too Can Make: Uzbek Plov

  Whether you’ve already been, or are still planning to go on a Central Asia Rally and savor the delish dishes of the region, making one of their signature national meals yourself is going to make you proud as heck, and serve as a hearty reminder of good times past or soon to come. Today’s […]

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