Off-Roading Tips for the Fearless


Being excited to go on a rally is one thing, but you also have to prepare yourself for the long ride. So, we compiled some tips and tricks that’ll help you get ready for off-roading through Central Asia.

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Know Your Vehicle…

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… and be aware of its limits. Once you know the brand and type of the off-road wonder you’ll be driving, do some research! Your vehicle is not a tank, so you’re obviously not going to be able to go through brick walls. How about a rocky terrain with huge boulders? How is your car built? Is it suitable to go through deep puddles? How would it act in a muddy situation? Are there any extra switches that can help you customize traction control? Watch a couple of YouTube reviews, get familiar with the pros and cons, and you’ll be good to go!

Gas, gas, gas

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Here’s one of the most obvious off-roading tips: it’s no secret that all cars run on gas or diesel. So, to avoid having to run of fumes and breaking down on the side of the road, take a half hour to plan your journey. If you know how many kilometers you can go with one tank, you can approximately pinpoint where to stop for gas. This way, you’ll save time and a lot of energy.

A Couple of Things You NEED

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Having a First Aid kit is a basic thing; anything can happen on the road. But be sure to pack an extra phone battery charger, a GPS and maps, a blanket or two, warm clothes, a flashlight, some water, energy bars and a small toolbox into the trunk, because going off-road means that you have to be prepared for everything – even spending the night in you vehicle. Also make sure that you have all the equipment needed to change a tyre, a car light bulb or fuses.


Some Things That You MIGHT Need

You might need some special equipment, so get informed about the types of places you’ll be plowing through. You might need a winch or snatch straps to pull yourself out of icky situations. Then again, you might not need them at all, so take the time to gain info on such possible circumstances.

Don’t Go Alone

Although you might be someone who is considered a lone wolf, off-roading through Central Asia’s planes and mountains requires that you take a team with you. Not only will the long drive be much more fun, it’ll also be very helpful to have a couple of extra hands if things go a bit south – after all, you can’t push AND steer the vehicle if you run out of gas…


Driving with Pals is Much more Fun! Photo Credit: Blog.Beforward
Driving with Pals is Much more Fun! Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Get Unstuck

Sometimes, you’ll have to go easy on the throttle. (Yes, even if you’re racing frantically to win a bet.) If you get stuck into anything, be it mud or snow, you’ll have to get smart and intuitive, using the steering wheel rather than pushing the pedal to the metal. Trying to quickly escape the muck might be what comes to you instinctively, but you might just dig yourself in deeper. Try to use the throttle lightly while using the steering wheel a lot; you might just find traction somewhere along the way. If not, then you’ll going to have to be towed out.


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