Central Asia Rally 2017: Khorog to Sary Mogol


Our favourite photos from days 10 and 11 of this year’s event.

As the Central Asia Rally 2017 continued, the views got even better. Here are some of the best photos (which, let’s be honest, don’t do justice to the real thing) of Day 10, from Khorog to Murghab, and Day 11, onward to Sary Mogol.

Day 10: Khorog to Murghab

central asia rally 2017

Day 10 was another terrific day’s driving, dominated by two notable features. Firstly, for much of the day the teams could see Afghanistan, just across the river along which they were driving. Secondly, this was the day that participants entered the Pamirs, with astonishing views, like the one pictured above.

Day 11: Murghab to Sary Mogol

central asia rally 2017

On Day 11, the Central Asia Rally 2017 found this petrol station. You don’t find sites like this in Europe, but it did the job!

central asia rally 2017

Fully-fueled, teams then drove into Kyrgyzstan, where they were greeted by the beautiful Karakol Lake (above) before evening drinks in a homestay with an amazing view.



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